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AUB - TRNG - 08-03-2004



Admissions Login


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Dear Applicant,

We are delighted that you are applying to the American University of Beirut, and looking forward to welcoming you to our campus in the near future.

Please refer to the HELP link above for assistance.

    ● First time user, click on the following link First Time Applying to AUB

    ● Returning user, enter your Login ID (Your AUB Student ID) and PIN (The last six digits of your AUB ID)

“By submitting this application, you are declaring that the information you have provided is accurate, and that you are in agreement with the information provided being processed in accordance with all applicable Data Protection Laws. Providing incorrect information or deliberately concealing any relevant facts may result in disqualification.

The information supplied by you will be treated as confidential and will not be revealed to any unauthorized source. It may only be subject to verification with third parties and you authorize them to disclose your personal information to us, as well as you authorize us to disclose your personal information to them. It is to be noted that only a minimal amount of your personal data that is necessary to achieve the purpose of this application will be shared with relevant third parties (i.e. Schools, Universities, Service Providers, Potential Donors, and Law enforcement when necessary, etc.), except maybe for Politically Exposed Persons "PEP" whereby additional personal information might be collected.

Consideration has been also given as to the length of sharing arrangement and as to how to share your personal data securely.

The collected information will be stored and processed by the University to fulfil our obligations with applicable laws and for providing educational services. AUB may use such information to communicate with you by email, phone or text message. By signing-up below (or ticking the box below), you agree that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use above and the AUB Data Privacy Statement.”

All students, before you login, please take note of the availability of the Consumer Information portal, a central resource that provides general, academic, financial aid, and health and safety information and policies.

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